Raptvyn’s Rogue: A Romance

ianuarie 16th, 2013

A rogue raptor, scarred and shunned by his flock, Zamiel has survived as a mercenary and hunter for hire. After finding a wounded Raptvyn called Arno and nursing him back to health, Zamiel can’t deny the searing passion between them. Their mutual friend Mitzi has been trying to find a way to convince Zamiel to mate with her permanently.


Seeing the males together, she realizes they would make a perfect traditional Raptvyn trio. The three generate enough heat to melt a glacier, but luring Zamiel into commitment won’t be easy. Zamiel thought his violent past had destroyed his chances for finding love, but Arno and Mitzi bring him unimaginable pleasure in every way. He swore never to put flock before family, but with everything on the line, he could lose it all. Reader Advisory: This book contains multiple instances of male/male sensuality.


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